No. 284 October 2013

October 2013

Front cover

the 953grt Timrix of J R Rix & Sons was built in 1972 by Cochrane & sons at Selby as the Nellie M for Metcalfes. She is still in service as Carmen II.

Photo by Fotoflite


Rix Shipping of Hull – 140 years of continuing success
Sailing with Thos. & Jno. Brocklebank – The first deep sea shipping company in the world
Chelysukin and the NE Passage – A pioneering voyage
Memorable Ships – Hohenfels
An OOW with Union Castle Line  – The Rowallan Castle
Through the Eyes of the Artist – Coastal Passenger Ships
Port of Call – Castries
Forgotten Fleets – ‘Hansa’
Newbuild of the Month – Royal Princess
Photo Gallery – Shanghai Shipbuilding and Channel Island Ferries
News Report – The latest news from around the world
Cruise News – Greek tragedy, Oceania refits, End for the Love Boat, etc.
Cruise Ships Ports of Call – Cruise ship calls around the UK
Ferry News – Weymouth return for Condor, New Dieppe interest
Readers’ Corner – Identify the Unknown Ship
Editor’s Mailbox – Readers’ letters
Book Reviews – Brittany Ferries, RMS Mauretania, To the Sea in Ships, The Unseen Olympic