The latest delivery from Australian shipbuilder Incat Tasmania, the 85m long Akane (Hull 068) arrived in Japan in early April. The vessel will go into service in April with Sado Kisen, a long standing ferry operator in Japan.

The Akane will operate from the Niigata and Naoetsu ports on the west coast of Japan to the Sado Island ports of Ogi and Ryotsu. Sado Kisen currently operate a conventional fleet, however Incat built Akane will be Sado Kisen’s first high-speed passenger/ car carrier.

The vessel has capacity for 692 persons (passengers and crew) and the vehicle deck can carry a combination of trucks and cars or, in car only mode, she will carry 151 cars. The 37 knot vessel is powered by four resiliently mounted Caterpillar C280-16 marine diesel engines rated at 5650 kW each at 100% MCR.

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