At the end of September Incat Crowther announced it had been commissioned to design a 63m monohull passenger ferry for an undisclosed operator in Central America. The main deck features a cabin hosting 286 first-class seats, 20 lounge seats, 4 handicap accommodation seating areas, and a children’s play area with surrounding seating. The aft deck features a cargo room with cargo loading gates, able to fit a portable conveyor belt for loading and unloading. The aft deck also features 2 restrooms, for men and women, as well a 3rd for handicap accommodations. The main deck allows 4 passenger loading stations. The mid deck features a cabin hosting 144 first-class seats and 32 lounge seats. Forward of the cabin is the raised wheelhouse whilst aft of the cabin is a deck that offers 112 exterior seats. The upper deck also provides an observation area including 36 exterior seats. The 650 passenger/37 knot craft is to be powered by five MTU 16v400M63L engines, equipped with ZF-7650 gearboxes, propelled by 5 Hamilton HM-811 jets. Two 150ekW generator sets will provide the vessel with electricity and a 200hp bow thruster will allow for manoeuvrability. A service speed of 37 knots and capacity for 650 passengers will provide efficient transportation.

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