On 20th January protestors gained access to the quayside at Calais ferry port and prevented the DFDS ships Calais Seaways and Malo Seaways from berthing for a time.

How these people accessed a secure area is highly questionable. However, their actions paled in to insignificance three days later when, on 23rd January, the Port of Calais was closed after migrants breached a security fence and stormed the quayside with some forcing their way on to the bow of the 47,592gt/2011 built Spirit of Britain.

Around 500 migrants broke through police lines with 50 thought to have boarded the P&O vessel. British anarchists from ‘No Borders’ were among the 35 people arrested after leading the ‘scandalous’ invasion. These mindless events followed a 2,000-strong protest against the living conditions in migrant camps in Calais that turned into an escape attempt.

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