AIDA Cruises’ new 124,500gt AIDAprima has been further delayed having already been 6 months late. The 3,300 passenger ship was originally scheduled to launch in March 2015, but in April 2014 it was revealed that the ship would not be completed until September 2015. AIDA Cruises has now confirmed that the AIDAprima, the first German (and probably last) cruise ship to be constructed in Japan, which is currently being built at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan, will be further delayed by another seven months, taking her to over a year beyond the original completion date. The delay will of course affect the maiden voyages from Yokohama to Dubai and Hamburg, as the ship will not be completed until April 2016. This debacle begs the question as to whether or not her sister ship, the AIDAmia, originally scheduled for completion in 2016, will ever be on time or even delivered. The contract penalties for the delays will be enormous.

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