S160710 Deutschland

The much loved 22,496gt/1998 built Deutschland (above) sailed on her first cruise for Phoenix Reisen on 21st May. The 13-day sailing took the ship from Bremerhaven to Norway as far north as the North Cape when fresh from her refit in Cadiz.

Phoenix Reisen is chartering the Deutschland for the summer season in addition to sailing its three other ships: the Amadea, Albatros and Artania. The 2016 season for the Deutschland continues until 9th September with two Baltic cruises in June, two 15 and 17-day voyages to Norway and Spitzbergen in June and July, a 10-day sailing around the British Isles in August, a 23- day voyage to Greenland in August, and concluding with a 5- day cruise around Denmark. Phoenix Reisen has also announced a 2017 schedule for the Deutschland, from 20th April to 6th September.

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The much loved Deutschland sails on her first cruise for Phoenix Reisen.

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