Brittany Ferries’ Armorique (above) arrived at Portsmouth on 27th September to relieve the Mont St. Michel. The latter had gone to Cherbourg the previous day to de-store prior to sailing to Santander for refit & scrubber installation. In 2016 the company will enlist a further 400 personnel due to the increase in passenger carryings in 2015. 


CLdN enhanced its Portugal service from 28th September by including a London call and deploying one of its newest ro-ro ships to increase trailer and container capacity. The expansion reflects the strength of the Portuguese market for both cars, containers, trailers and all other rolling cargo. The service sails from Leixões on Friday at 0001 to arrive in London on Monday at 1800 from where she will continue to Zeebrugge at 0001. She will return on a Tuesday at 1800 from Zeebrugge to arrive in Leixões on Friday at 0900. 

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