On 12th December the construction of Silversea’s Silver Muse reached the step of welding eight coins into the ship’s keel at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy. The ceremony is a long-standing maritime tradition celebrating the start of a ship’s construction.

The action of welding a coin into the keel of the ship is said to bring good luck during the build and to the captain and crew during her later life. Silversea took this one step further by welding eight coins into the keel of the Silver Muse. Each coin represents one of the seven continents that Silversea ships sail to, along with a specially designed commemorative Silver Muse coin.

The coins are a South African rand, an Australian Dollar, a U.S. half Dollar, a Brazilian real, an Italian Euro, a Singapore Dollar, a commemorative Antarctica trust coin plus a specially designed Silversea Silver Muse commemorative coin. The 40,700gt/596 guest ship will make her debut in April 2017.

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