S1508-05-Hoegh Target

The first New Horizon vessel was named the Höegh Target on 4th June (above). The ceremony took place at Xiamen Shipbuilding industries in China.


The Höegh Target is the first in a series of six Post Panamax vessels under the New Horizon design that Höegh Autoliners will take delivery of in the next 18 months. With a deck space of 71,400m2 and a carrying capacity of 8,500 car equivalent units, the vessel is the world’s largest Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC). Mrs Mette Folden, wife of Ingar Skiaker, CEO Höegh Autoliners, christened the vessel.

The ship also has a higher door opening than Höegh Autoliners’ current vessels, enabling cargo up to 6.5m high and 12m wide to be loaded. Extra ramp strength allows for cargo weighing up to 375t to be loaded over the stern ramp and 22 tonnes over the side ramp. The Höegh Target began her maiden voyage from East Asia to Europe in early July.



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