At the time of writing the estimated death toll on board the fire ravaged Ro-Pax ferry Norman Atlantic was likely to rise to at least 27 people. The revised estimate is based on a definitive list of passengers received from the Greek authorities that indicates 16 official passengers are still missing.

Previously, the bodies of 11 passengers had been recovered from the vessel, which caught fire on 28th December, shortly after leaving Corfu to cross the Adriatic to Italy. Adding to the toll are two Syrian stowaways, confirmed by their families to have boarded the ship for that fateful voyage.

Three weeks after one of Europe’s worst ferry disasters in recent history, the precise number of deaths remained obscure as the third vehicle deck, pinpointed as the seat of the fire, remained difficult to access. A further body, a Trucker still in his cab, was discovered in early February. The ship may also be moved to Bari in the near future.

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