On 9th April the 8,999gt/2009 built containership Jan Van Gent ran aground in the St. Lawrence River, south of Yamachiche, Quebec, after an engine and steering failure caused the vessel to drift off the fairway. The ship was refloated later the same day with the aid of tugs before proceeding up the river to Montreal where she underwent an inspection to establish the damage and whether the vessel was seaworthy. At the time of the incident the vessel was en-route from Canada’s Halifax to Montreal.

The 3,525gt/1985 built car carrier Ocean Tango ran aground on 17th April during a storm while docked at Yeong-gu area in Busan, South Korea. The grounding caused the South Korean ship’s fuel tanks to rupture and spill an undisclosed amount of fuel. The ship was not carrying a substantial car cargo at the time of the incident.

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