Africa Express Line (AEL) operates a fleet of new generation ships and has signed a new contract with MMD Ltd., the fruit handling specialists based at Portsmouth International Port.

At 185m long the reefer vessels are the biggest ever to unload at Portsmouth.The first AEL ship to arrive was the 15,292gt/1998 built Cote D’Ivoirian Star on 14th February, laden with approximately 2,500 tonnes of bananas and pineapples. Each week one of four AEL vessels will bring a similar amount of the same fruits, with an additional 1,000 tonnes of other produce such as sweetcorn, tomatoes and vegetables.

The other AEL vessels operating the new route to Portsmouth are the 15,292gt/1998 built Colombian Star, 15,058gt/1997 built Caribbean Star and 15,058gt/1998 built Costa Rican Star.

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