The Captain and crew of the 18,627gt/1981 built Saga Pearl II rescued an injured yachtsman in mid-Atlantic on 22nd November. Enpassage to Cape Verde, Captain Wesley Dunlop answered a call for assistance from the Portuguese marine authorities and made a 90- mile diversion to meet the catamaran Coco Jet III. French yachtsman Nicolas Hauzy, 36, needed 28 stitches after he lacerated his left leg on the drive shaft of his yacht’s engine while cruising from the Canary Islands to Martinique.

Within four hours from the distress call the Saga Pearl II came in sight of the yacht. As darkness fell, Captain Dunlop manoeuvred the ship to allow the catamaran to come leeside, thereby sheltering it from the wind in two-metre swells. Monsieur Hauzy voluntarily and bravely leapt aboard the cruise ship, despite his injuries.

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