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To enable ships of all sizes to navigate channels, ports, harbours and rivers their operators rely on dredging companies to maintain the navigable depths. Dredging is vital for economic growth and needs to be undertaken in all seasons and weather conditions. There are all manner of dredging options from the humble excavator seated on a barge to the state of the art self propelled and floating platform based trailing suction/cutter suction dredgers. The Netherlands offers a wealth of companies that design, build and operate dredging vessels and it is perhaps no surprise that the prolific Damen group is among the leading designers and builders. readers may recall that various products of the Damen group have featured in these Newbuild of the Month articles but the subject of this one began life on the other side of the globe. The Damen group boasts a range of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHDs), namely the TSHD 500/750/1000/1500/2000 and THSD 2500 ranging from 49m to 80.35m in length, 760t-3755t deadweight and 500-2500 cubic metres of capacity in the hopper for dredged material. The wide standard range of TSHDs have been designed as dedicated maintenance dredgers built around a modular concept, which means they are prepared for a large number of options. The basic version TSHD is a budget-friendly vessel perfect for efficient harbour and navigation channel maintenance. With the possibility of fully customising the dredgers, the standard TSHDs are highly efficient and fitted out to the latest technology standards. Durability has been a key consideration in the design process. a highly flexible concept of optional packages means that adapting the standard TSHD can be carried out effortlessly thus enhancing flexibility for the owner/operator. options can be added whilst in build or, should a specific dredging requirement be identified, later on when a vessel is already in service. The optional packages include self-discharging systems, bow coupling units, and degassing systems. 

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