A rainy day in Liverpool in August 1967. The 1,283 grt Lancashire Coast wasbuilt by Charles Hill ofBristol in 1954. In 1968 she was chartered to Prince Line for a year as Trojan Prince. She was then converted into a cattle carrier. In 1980 she was sold to Italian interests and renamed Paolino before being broken up by Marine Construction at Salamis in March 1984. The ferry to the left is the 4,115 grt Leinster of the British and Irish Steam Packet Company. She was built in 1948 by Harland & Wolff and served the Liverpool to Dublin route until 1968. After briefly being renamed Leinster 1, she was sold to Greek Ferry operators Mediterranean Sun Lines and sailed as Aphrodite until being broken up by Verel Gemi SokumTicaret AS at Aliaga where she arrived on 11th October 1987.Photo: Nigel Lawrence

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