A major Switzerland based shipowner

Part Three


Tuillier Name Built grt Former Name Former Owner Year Sold/New Name Fate
BELLINI 1963 16,417


built as Delian Apollon

Eletson 1986: Ajman Star Scrapped Alang May 1989 as Inco Star
VIVALDI 1968 16,005 Cellana Shell tankers (Australia) 1995: Theopisti Scrapped Chittagong June 2003
Note 1            
SCARLATTI 1971 19,978 Presidente Rivera Uruguay Navy
Note 1            
MASCAGNI 1975 18,624

Rio Panuco

built as World Provider

Petroflota, Mexico
Note 1
(not renamed) 1966 30,683 Note 2 1987: Sterlin Scrapped Chittagong May 1995 as Himalaia Secondo
  • Note 1: transferred to Arminter in 1988.
  • Note 2: from 1974 managed by Transtrade Shipping, London on behalf of General Navigation Limited, Monrovia

BELLINI arriving at Rotterdam in August 1985 – Dave Salisbury

VIVALDI arriving at Swansea in 1988 – Keith Whillock

MASCAGNI at Europoort in July 1986 – Dave Salisbury


STERLING passing Calshot in 1984 – David Oldham


Armements Internationales, Société Anonyme Monégasque (Arminter S.A.M.), a Monaco company established in 1974 by a Genoese brokerage group, was acquired by Eugénio Tuillier in 1987. As noted above, three tankers were then transferred from Medsea to the new company. Further acquisitions were made in almost every year up to 1999 when ten tankers were in operation. The Group was then ranked third in the world as operator of 25-30,000 dwt tankers in Northern Europe.


The 1975 Norway built DONIZETTI (above), purchased by Eugénio Tuillier in 1989, is seen in the Houston Ship Channel shortly before her sale in 1991. Photo by Harry Stott.


The 1973 Onomichi built ROSSINI (above) in the St.Lawrence River on 8 August 1990, shortly after her purchase by Eugénio Tuillier. She was sold for breaking at Alang in July 1995. Photo by René Beauchamp.


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